About BMP: The creators of the best kids' parties!

There are 6 elements that we use to create an amazing party for the little ones:

Custom music. This isn't some generic artist list, these are Top40s that are suitable for all ages. We keep the music energy high to accompany our fun games with prizes such as glow sticks. Add to that a real DJ and not a clown with an iPod (haha) and our awesome BubbleCreator that makes hundreds of bubbles per second!

Each program is created based on your child or crowd's musical tastes as well as the age-range in attendance!

Ask about themes!! Blacklights (with GLOW IN THE DARK BUBBLES), Disco, "Kidz Club" Hollywood and many others are available! iHablamos español!

Call us at 863.324.7333 for more info or contact us by clicking here!